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Phae: is this cute or did Dion just leave this shit here for me to clean?

Model: Dayana Melgares Top: Killstar Wig: Donalovehair Welcome to Gothic and…

Eternal love for this wig from 💙 Use my code 'dayanacrunk' to get a discount coupon. Harness top from 💀

Iciar J. Carrasco_VEIN Sept_Look 1_8

model: juliette fazekas (img) photographer: iciar j. carrasco stylist: carlota winder hair and make-up: elena montañés

CR Fashion Book - CHANEL FALL 2016 @sommerswim


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メディアツイート: きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ(@pamyurin)さん | Twitter

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メディアツイート: Aesthetic Sharer ZHR(@CGdrawing)さん | Twitter

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How the insomnia prayer can help you have a peaceful sleep. Discover the insomnia prayers and the Bible verses you should use as a prayer for sleeplessness.


We found 13 of Bella Thorne's most wild beauty looks, including rainbow hair, body glitter, and more.


Christina Aguilera in the film Burlesque- I love this movie,dancing, dresses, music, Cher and Aquilera singing .