Esta genial!

Why have I never thought of bento boxes for lunch? Japanese Traditional Bento Lunch with Mustard Soy Sauce-flavored Pork, Scrambled Egg, Umeboshi Pickled Plum on Rice|日本の弁当

Japanese Sports Day Bento Lunch|運動会弁当

2012 運動会のお弁当

Japanese Sports Day Bento Lunch, featuring meat-wrapped onigiri, classic onigiri, and inari sushi

Deer bento Ok, so I couldn't eat even if I took the time to make it, but it is adorable!

Deer Bento

Just to Make You Smile: 50 Masterpieces of Sushi and Bento Box Food Art .

One chicken and seaweed, one pickled plumb, and one salmon onigiri with pickled vegetables and strawberries

おむすび弁当 ☆ まぐろづくし♪

Rice Ball Bento おむすび弁当 - shiso, salmon and nappa/lunch meat with a side of chikuwa, strawberries

Bento Box More


Bento box featuring meatballs and eggplant, pasta salad, and rice with sesame seeds

しいたけのツナマヨチーズ焼き弁当 . しいたけのツナマヨチーズ焼き 甘いたまご焼き 牛肉、ピーマン、玉ねぎのタレ炒め ナス、ツナ、玉ねぎのケチャップ炒め…

しいたけのツナマヨチーズ焼き弁当 . しいたけのツナマヨチーズ焼き 甘いたまご焼き 牛肉、ピーマン、玉ねぎのタレ炒め ナス、ツナ、玉ねぎのケチャップ炒め…

Japanese Bento Boxed Lunch

Japanese Bento Box featuring grilled sesame pork atop a bed of rice, pickled ginger, stewed kabocha squash, and broccoli & tomatoes

2/21 ねぎ味噌豚つくね弁当

2/21 ねぎ味噌豚つくね弁当

How about a homemade date night bento box dinner? Chicken tsukune bento box, featuring rice with "rose" umeboshi, curried cauliflower, spinach salad, & pickled red cabbage.