Japanese calligraphy

Modern Japanese Art

Trends will take inspiration from the lines, words and style of calligraphy. It is a large part of our history and is still important today.

Japanese Calligraphy "Bushi-do". The samurai cult―the path of the samurai―Japanese chivalry

Bushido 武士道 - a Japanese word for the way of the samurai life, loosely analogous to the concept of chivalry. Originates from the samurai moral values.

Japanese calligraphy -samurai- 侍

侍: Samurai. This word does not only means "Warrior". It also means "Idea of ​​the perfect man".It is very similar to the "Knight".

Japanese calligraphy, Shodo 書道

Shōdo, the Japanese calligrapher Takahashi Masami in Kitakata, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. Photo © Flavio Gallozzi - All Rights reserved.

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“Man suffers only because he takes seriously what the gods made for fun.

Yokoso Okoshiyasu

A phrase "Yokoso Oideyasu" is a welcome message in Kyoto dialect. Every day a lot of international customers visit Kyoto.