Fashion identity

Magro Cardona - Footwear Brand Identity

Branding project by Mark Brooks for Magro Cardona, a high-quality footwear brand based in Madrid, Spain. Graphic designer Mark Brooks was hired to develop


Moire Studios is a thriving website and graphic design studio based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Unicef Zero Awards /Rice

Unicef Zero Awards - The two unifying elements (the blue and the 'o') are carried across the various material. The blue is as much the branding as the logo.


Advertising / Print Work / Graphic Design / Digital / Water Color - text on textures / drawing, simple yet catchy enough

Be Brave Chris DeLorenzo シンプルなイラストが持つ 伝える力を感じる仕事。

El minimalismo exquisito de Christopher Monro DeLorenzo



S-> logos made up of distinct, separate and unattached pieces seems to be a common theme in high-end logos. For example, in the one above, the circle is not a single shape, but rather a combo of individual waves. This style is something we should mimic where possible to create a modern and sleek logo. However, we must be wary not to become too intricate, as details could be lost when rescaling for marketing purposes.

Halftone Studio offers professional custom logo design, custom branding design: from hand painted watercolour logos to clean, modern concepts.

Runway for Charity Branding

Runway for Charity Branding - CONDUIT: I love the bright yet soft colours here. They're subtle yet vibrant. They are like the opposite of what we are using currently in EP.