Most people look at this and think, "Wow! It is so neat how someone can make such beautiful art!" While I look at this and think, "This must be the eyeball of a Time Lord..."

Funny pictures about Clock contact lenses. Oh, and cool pics about Clock contact lenses. Also, Clock contact lenses.


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For this poster, there is an effective use of hierarchy with how the name of the group, COART, is either in black or white. It contrasts with the colorful background/images, making the name a focal point and the other text being of lesser importance.



Japanese Beer - The YO-HO Brewing Company has released a new Japanese beer label called ‘Sorry’ which features a freshly attractive design on its cans.

画像 : 優れた紙面デザイン 日本語編 (表紙・フライヤー・レイアウト・チラシ)1000枚位 - NAVER まとめ

画像 : 優れた紙面デザイン 日本語編 (表紙・フライヤー・レイアウト・チラシ)1000枚位 - NAVER まとめ