Love the thickness of the wood and the natural edge - option if we don't put in trim and just do the drywall edges around windows

This would be so cool to do in a cottage type house. ~M Solid Oak Window Sill - Tom Robinson Handmade Furniture from Brighton, Sussex


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Área externa pequena com churrasqueira, aconchegante e agradável.

Has your home an outdoor area in the form of a garden, balcony, porch or patio that is skinny and long? If yes then you can maximize that narrow space with

The reading nook by the window is another place that would be oh-so-easy to sink into for a long and lazy afternoon. The chaise is elevated off the ground, keeping it clean and warm. The bookshelves above are a cobbled together creation of vintage suitcases for a Pinterest-friendly DIY vibe along with some serious functionality.

suitcase halves as shelves! i have not seen them used this way before (usually the suitcases are cut in half horizontally while closed--these are halved by removing the hinges, which keeps the structure intact).

/ ClassiCon Euvira Rocking Chair by Jader Almeida. Diana Side Table by Konstantin Grcic Posted by.

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Basement Idea - (re)movable bottom stairs (House in Futakoshinchi by Tato Architects)

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Ausbau Apartment Wiesbaden is a minimalist house located in Wiesbaden, Germany, designed by Studio Oink. A small apartment in a popular area.

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“Build it small, build it smart” Breathe Architecture challenge architecture doctrine to deliver Prospect House in rural Victoria

프랭클린 산맥의 험준한 경사면을 따라 위치해있는 이 집은 작은 협곡 바로 위에 자리잡고 있어 엘파소 시내를 내려다볼 수 있다. 가파른 경사면으로 인해 3층 건물의 각 층이 외부와 직접 연결되어 있는데, 내외부에 채용한 건축자재는 엘파소 토속 공예에서 영감을 얻었거나 또는 직접적으로 관련이 있는 것으로 구성하였다. 석조물, 벽토, 철강재, 가죽등이 그것인데 자연스럽고 다소 전통적인 재료를 비관습적인 방식을 차..

A modern home by Hazelbaker Rush placed in the foothills of the Franklin Mountains. Darci Hazelbaker and Dale Rush of Hazelbaker Rush have designed this be