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earthlynation: “ Atheris chloechis - West Afican Bush Viper (by thegardensofeden) ”

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green eye

GTP EYE by Henrik Vind on Eye of a Green Tree Python. Though it looks cool here not so sure Id find it so cool if I happened upon it in the wild.

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A Pretty little Atheris hispida or hairy bush viper is one of the more venomous vipers you may see in central Africa.

☆ Snake -:+:- Unknown Photograph ☆

reptiles nice color bright and vibrant and DEADLY-OP except for this is a young python so potentially not deadly

animales exoticos del mundo definicion

This is a California red sided garter snake. It's hard to believe a snake this colorful even exists!

regram Photo by I photographed this magnificent Boomslang on assignment in Cameroon for Boomslangs have exceptionally large eyes and excellent eyesight and often move their heads from side to side to get a better view