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a traditional embroidered ball. with Ootoro : fatty Tuna , Tai : Sea bream , Ikura : Salmon roe , Salmon , Hotate : scallop and Japanese pickled vegetables


1分で!うまうま胡麻キュウリ レシピ・作り方



ひとくちサイズでかわいい簡単スイートポテト レシピ・作り方

Japanese rice balls, Onigiri or Omisubi. This is true Japanese soul food down to the fave umeboshi in the center! I would request this if I were ever on Death Row.

Japanese rice balls, called onigiri or omusubi. This is true Japanese soul food down to the fave umeboshi in the center!




Agedashi Tofu | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Agedashi Tofu

You can tell how authentic a Japanese restaurant is by their agedashi tofu. The best crispy yet creamy bite in the world!

【ELLE a table】秋の親子丼レシピ|エル・オンライン


" Kaisen-Oyako=Don " is a bowl cuisine that has " Slice of Salmon " and " Salmon Roe " over the rice.

Tenmusu 天むす (Shrimp Tempura Rice Ball) | Easy Japanese Recipes at…

Tenmusu (Tempura Shrimp Rice Ball)

Japanese Vegetable Soup (Kenchinjiru) | Easy Japanese Recipes at <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a>


Kenchinjiru is a flavorful vegan soup created originally as a Buddhist temple cuisine (精進料理) with root vegetables and shiitake and kombu stock.

「鮭のマヨ胡麻 マヨディル」|レシピブログ

「鮭のマヨ胡麻 マヨディル」

「鮭のマヨ胡麻 マヨディル」|レシピブログ



Japanese Lunch setting with Nori-wrapped Onigiri Rice Ball, Tamagoyaki Omelet, Tofu Soup


Japanese Salmon Chazuke (Green tea rice soup) Just add cooked rice to a bowl, add shredded nori (seaweed) and perrilla, then your salmon on top. Pour green tea around the bowl and TA DA! You can even add a little soy sauce for flavor.