Kiyomizu-sansô / Florent Chevalier

Let's walk down the alley to the little tea house this evening. Somewhere in Japan

Restaurant traditionnel à Kyoto | © Aurélie Morin

De Tokyo à Kyoto: voyage initiatique au Japon

| February | ❤️ Ethereal pink blossoms in snow . . .

This a picture of a cherry blossom in the snow. This links into my theme of 'green' because in this picture the cherry blossom flowers are exactly the same as they are in other seasons but the only thing different is that there is snow on the plant.

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Japanese Tea Ceremony - so beautiful and a true art form done properly January is National Hot Tea Month

Koyasan japan wakayama

Okunoin Forest Graveyard in Koyasan, Wakayama. Burial place of Kobo Daishi and many other poets and intellectuals.

Torii gate and wisteria in Japan

Torii gate with wisteria in Japan♫♫♥♥♫♫♥♥♫♥JML

1061 by T's Photo(busy・・・), via Flickr

Hosenin Temple, Kyoto, Japan: photo by T's Photo. Hosen-in is one of the sub-temples of Shorin-in. The highlight of this temple is a view of bamboo garden seen from a tatami room.