Goldfish - beautiful photo by Osamu Yamazaki.

Goldfish - beautiful photo by Osamu Yamazaki - -. not really sea creatures, but beautiful nonetheless!

Japanese Kimono Japan

Japanese Kimono as Art,Japan - In studying the making of traditional Japanese clothing it seems to as ritualistic as the tea ceremony. I believe in progress but the old customs, the art of creating, hopefully will never be lost to Japan.

Tea Ceremony (茶道) in Japan.

thekimonogallery: “ Japanese tea ceremony by Takao Tsushim ” Little Known Catholic History Fact: It was St. Francis Xavier who gave Japan the tea ceremony and introduced the drink to the rest of the.

Ainu Japan..

Ainu grandparents & their grandaughter, from a collotype photograph published in Japan Photographer unknown.


Balance and Harmony VisualizedReylia Slaby is a professional photographer from Nara, Japan. Reylia Slaby captures the Japanese aesthetic of harmony within her work to bring balance between color,.