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an image of cartoon characters playing in the water with their dog and cat friends on a dock
ムーミン公認作家のリーナ&サミ・カーラ夫妻による原画約80点を展示!「ムーミン絵本の世界展」が開催 | PHOTO(3/7) | FASHION HEADLINE
ムーミン公認作家のリーナ&サミ・カーラ夫妻による原画約80点を展示!「ムーミン絵本の世界展」が開催 | PHOTO(3/7) | FASHION HEADLINE
a card with mice playing music in the grass
Come in, dear, the door's always open!
Come in, dear, the door's always open!
the logos for nordic furniture and interior design
Swan Song
New Logo and Identity for Nordic Co-operation by Kontrapunkt
an abstract mountain scene with the sun in the background
Little Design Haus (Geo Mountains I) Canvas Print
Little Design Haus (Geo Mountains I) Scandinavian inspired graphic landscape designs. Canvas and art prints available from The Art Group
an abstract painting with pink, black and white squares on the bottom half of it
Skandivis home improvement projects
a yellow and black logo with the words nordic on it
Having some fun getting back into making some badges.
an image of a poster with circles in pink and blue on the front, against a white background
Scandinavian art refers to a subset of Nordic art and is art specific for the Scandinavian countries Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Norse art, the art of the Viking people, is a form of Nordic art from a particular period of time. Absolute joy to look at!
a book with the title from scandinaviania written in black and white, on a blue background
Counter-Print-From Scandinavia Book
From Scandinavia is a celebration of graphic design from the Nordic region. The book is a collection of work from some of the most talented agencies in Scandinavia including Snask, Stockholm Design Lab, Bielke & Yang, Bond, Heydays, and many more.
the words hygge design are surrounded by kitchen utensils
Hygge in Graphic Design: Tips and Ideas
On the Creative Market Blog - Hygge in Graphic Design: Tips and Ideas