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an image of colorful flowers and birds
my scandinavian dream . . .
helen dardik, illustration and pattern desing, textiles, art, vintage finds, love for mid century modern, children's book illustration, fresh finds, patterns, plush, unique toys, represented by lilla rogers, magazine illustration and graphic design.
a red bird surrounded by flowers and butterflies
Nordic Bird - Nic Squirrell
Nordic Bird - Nic Squirrell A Scandinavian folk style art print in red and white at ArtPal
a pattern with houses and trees on it
Emily Golden Illustration. Bristol Children's Illustrator and Designer.
an egg decorated with blue flowers and birds in the shape of a flower, on a white
Folk art ornament with birds and flowers, Scandinavian navy blue floral pattern
two white bears standing next to each other on a red background with flowers and leaves
Colorful artwork and crafty adventures
a painting of a horse surrounded by flowers and leaves on a blue background with gold border
XMAS 2017 - john lewis
two birds sitting on top of each other in front of flowers and leaves with hearts
Download Scandinavian Folk Art Vector for free
a fox with flowers and plants on it's back, surrounded by other items
Soft And Sweet Scandinavian Fox Folk Art by BunnyThePainter | Redbubble
Soft And Sweet Scandinavian Fox Folk Art Painting, Scandinavian, Scandi, Fox, Animal, Forest, Woods, Trees, Floral, Flower, Pattern, Tulip, Folk-art, Tribal, Decorated, Rainbow, Leaves, Vintage, Mid-century, Retro, Garden, Christmas, holiday, seasonal
an ornate design with blue and orange flowers, leaves, and other decorative elements on a white background
Scandinavian Folk Art Study 011 Art Print by Nordic Print Studio