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an animal pattern with hearts and flowers on a blue background
Nordic ornaments, folk art seamless pattern. Scandinavian style. Forest animal and flower. Vector illustration.
two polar bears are standing in the water and one bear is looking at another animal
print & pattern
print & pattern
a blue and red pattern with trees, birds and hearts on it's sides
Download Scandinavian Folk Pattern Seamless Vector for free
black and white doodles with different types of animals, trees, and other things
Scandinavian for BOY
Scandinavian for BOY - Illustrations
an image of a horse in the middle of flowers and trees with mountains in the background
Carnet Imaginaire
Scandinavian inspired illustration with only 2 colors. #illustration #scandinavianillustrations #animalillustration #animalillustrationinspiration #horseillustration
a painting of a city by the water
an image of animals and plants in the style of doodle
Download Scandinavian Folk Art Vector for free
an illustration of a bear surrounded by flowers and leaves
"Norwegian Folk Art | Scandinavian Folk Art | Modern Farmhouse | Swedish Folk Art | Woodland Animal | Nordic Wall Art" Essential T-Shirt for Sale by Gallerisa
a group of trees with different colors and sizes on them, all in the same pattern
pattern design
an oil painting of people in a field with trees and mountains behind them, one woman is holding the hand of two children
Nikolai Astrup: Discovering Norway’s “Second Artist” and Best Kept Secret
Nikolai Astrup: Discovering Norway’s “Second Artist” and Best Kept Secret | by Seattle-Bergen Sister City Association | Medium
an oil painting of people walking down the street in front of houses and trees, with one person wearing a red suit
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The Divided Faust Edvard Munch 1932-1935 Munch-Museet - Oslo (Norway) Painting - oil on canvas Height: 100 cm (39.37 in.), Width: 117 cm (46.06 in.)
a watercolor painting of a house on the shore with mountains in the background and blue sky
Norway Lofoten Oranges House Art Print by Norwegenliebe