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Apricot Poodle. <3<3

*Baby Charlie* My poodle looked exactly like this when I first got him in He's now 13 years strong and still fluffy. Poodles are a great breed to look into. They are top 4 smartest dog breeds in the world, and very friendly!

Brooke – Atlanta Shoot

Little beautiful girl with beautiful long hair ما شاء الله المبدع

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Brooke – Atlanta Shoot me

Snow White Pomeranian Puppy haha what a fluff ball. so cute

And from within the child came a pure light….

The Bluebird Patch Photo Of The Day: Gentle Small Hands Teach compassion


little girl in burberry trench. something that Cass and Celeste would dress their kids in.Taupe and tomato red are gorgeous with chestnut colour hair, chocolate brown eyes.

You know that collar you liked didn't do a thing for you. I'm so glad you changed your mind.I was going to let you know I didn't like it on you.Friends tell friends things like this.You know your my best friend.

15 Irish Baby Names That We're Totally Going to Steal

Drawing eyes and knitted texture with shading pencils. possibilities are endless!


Children Monks in the Far East


Swan heart so sweet. These beautiful birds have one love forever. I have read that if one dies the other one can actually die of a broken heart. Together they have formed a heart of Love.