Armadillos on a trampoline! 4 colors on 10 x 20 french cream paper. *Please note* The 4 color print refer to the 4 colors of pink used to print the image. This print does not come in any other color variations.

by Japanese illustrator Seiichi Hayashi

Painting by Seiichi Hayashi: by Japanese illustrator Seiichi Hamachi. To me they are "Glorious Birds"

Paul Klee.

Hand puppets by artist Paul Klee. (I, Billie, used to make the heads of hand puppets out of was so fun!

Paul Klee, Polyphonic currents, Polyphone Strömungen, 1929. Watercolor & ink on paper © Kunstsammlung NRW Düsseldorf.

Paul Klee Polyphone Strömungen (Polyphonic Currents), 1929 Watercolour and pen on paper on cardboard.

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magictransistor: “ Paul Klee, Hand puppets made for his son Felix between 1916 and ”

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