Machines of Domination

Star Wars illustration by Raymond Swanland! Darth Vader and his two wingmen walk through the TIE Fighter holding bay right before they launch into battle against Luke Skywalker and the rest of the rebel fleet. The piece is called "Machines of Dominion.

The Earth At Night - photos by NASA. See the video here!. Check out that cool T-Shirt here:

The Earth At Night - photos by NASA. Yes it is beautiful. But the light pollution is an indicator of the vast problems that the human race has caused

La majestuosa Messier 104 (M-104) Galaxia del sombrero.

Thr Majestic Messier - 104 Sombrero galaxy 28 million light years from earth and light years across . Photo By: NASA Hubble Space Telescope

A celebration of the history of the manned space program, space exploration, and science. ***Disclaimer***This page is not associated with NASA. I'm just a fan of the space program.


美しすぎて現実と思えない宇宙の画像 10選

Infinity Imagined Made me gasp when it came up on my iPad. So amazing and beautiful

Scientific Visualization Studio Collection, NASA


The world from space.Global View of the Arctic and Antarctic on September 2005 Photo credit: NASA


『何このスペーススーツ!!・・・Grumman Moon Suits』

That's one heck of a concept design. It looks like a retro, futuristic, robot suit for the space business man. I see Mad Men in outer space!

アインシュタイン操り人形を持つアルベルト・アインシュタイン。(1931年):歴史的偉人たちの教科書では見る事ができないお茶目な姿の写真いろいろ - DNA

elledark: “ Einstein with an Einstein Puppet. The photo was taken by Harry Burnett at Cal Tech in Pasadena where Albert Einstein was teaching. Einstein saw the puppet perform at the Teato Torito and.