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100均素材で知育玩具をDIY♪ママも子供も嬉しい手作りおもちゃ8選 | CRASIA(クラシア)

100均素材で知育玩具をDIY♪ママも子供も嬉しい手作りおもちゃ8選 | CRASIA(クラシア)

ゆりも ‏@akahina1108 2月10日 この前、UFOキャッチャーのぬいぐるみがあまりにもうちの猫にそっくりだったので頑張って取ってきた!目付き悪いいいい

Slight variations - take away the white on his face, add it to his paws, maybe add a point on the chest marking (making it a bird flying up), and this could be my cat.

deedeedelfuego: Dee Dee’s happy face is never not delightful. Can you believe how many notes this Dee Dee post has?


This is a Norwegian Forest Cat. The breed is one of the few domesticated house cats still common in the wild. I WANT ONE! - Tap the link now to see all of our cool cat collections!