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Trying new curling or braiding techniques, a fresh short haircut, or even some fun haircolor can be super energizing for your spring boredom boats to.

Or tease your hair into this perfectly messy updo. | 30 No-Heat Hairstyle Ideas To Get You Through Summer

Or tease your hair into this perfectly messy updo.


Even though you’re the OMG-it’s-my-big-day! bride, take it from me — the pro stylist — these trio of curled and pinned strands is totally doable day-of.

Taylor Swift Nails It With This Updo Hairstyle, 2012

Updos: Celebrity Styles You'll Love

A glam updo is the ultimate hairstyle for the wedding day. We've found some gorgeous styles from Look, Britain's best selling fashion magazine. Click through this celebrity updo gallery for loads of hair-speration in seconds.

3 Elegant DIY Wedding Hair

Low bun hairstyle is super charming and romantic. There is a lot of upgraded bun hairstyle that can make you more luscious. Vintage Braided Updos Tutorials: Boho Hairstyles /Via This is a fabulous Vintage braided bun boho hairstyle. The side cut braid and