Calatrava - Tenerife

Church design - use if natural light on top and selected side areas,detail, forms, and placements of ceilings Santiago Calatrava Auditorio de Tenerife Tenerife, Spain

image: daniele mattioli   uk pavilion shanghai expo 2010   heathe...

Thomas Heatherwick - Heatherwick Studio - Seed Cathedral -Shanghai Expo in 2010 - thousands of seeds collected by the Royal Botanical Gardens in these stunning transparent acrylic rods that glowed and moved with the elements.

Grand Architecture iPhone Wallpaper

From the mid point of Wells cathederal looking back to the front. This place is incredible, it blows the mind how they built these back in the day Back to the Front

たった1日で建設可能な世界初の3Dプリンターで作ることができる蜘蛛の巣のような家「Protohouse 2.0」がスゴイ!! | コモンポスト

ProtoHouse by UK architects Softkill Design. Protohouse is a single-storey dwelling with a fibrous structure resembling bone growth. It will be made of plastic and printed in a factory, in sections that are then snapped together on site.

Andrea Palladio and Contemporary Architects: Zaha Hadid and Patrik Schumacher Installation in Palladio's Villa Foscari La Malcontenta

to mark the anniversary of the birth of palladio zaha hadid and patrik schumacher have created an installation titled 'aura'.