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Because we will feature so many rotating specials, the idea of a chalkboard wall is appealing. Or at least a partial chalkboard wall. I'm not crazy about the crates, but I do like the idea of floating boxy shelving.


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Beautiful color scheme for Home Decorating, Gasoline Alley Coffee, ORANGE benches

Epic Coffee | Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Instagram Post by Map (@madewithmap)

With Indonesia as one of the largest coffee producers in the world, it's no surprise that great coffee houses are found in every corner of the country. is no exception. Join in the cafe and interior decor shop, where the premium beans tell the story.

思わずスキップしちゃう!テイクアウトコーヒがお洒落な東京都内のカフェ6選 13枚目の画像

思わずスキップしちゃう!テイクアウトコーヒがお洒落な東京都内のカフェ6選 13枚目の画像


The smallest coffee shop in North America

Smallest cafe place in North America, visual identity by Gabriel Lefebvre and Rachel Lecompte. The Distributrice reinvents the takeout coffee service by taking over the smallest commercial space in.


'Picnic in Central Park', not all of us can picnic in Central Park. We can picnic in our communities. Here are some great recipes and ideas for the picnic basket. Plus a great Strawberry Brulee recipe.

三軒茶屋「マメヒコ コーヴァイヴ」は、絶品コーヒーのテイクアウト専門店

三軒茶屋「マメヒコ コーヴァイヴ」は、絶品コーヒーのテイクアウト専門店 - macaroni

三軒茶屋「マメヒコ コーヴァイヴ」は、絶品コーヒーのテイクアウト専門店