preciousandfregilethings: “ Espinho, Portugal. ”

Through this photo, the SHAPE are created through the usage of shadows and contrast in a black/white photo. The shape most prevalent and easily seen are squares.

Bentuk - The Energy | signage | #office #signage #moderndesign

Awesome Signage Design

incorporate interesting forms of architecture in the design, good idea if it flowed with the style of surrounding buildings

Case: Jenga コロンビアでWWFが実施したプリント広告をご紹介。 いつも地球の環境、生態系を守ることを啓蒙し続けている同団体が、今回は「ジェンガ」というモチーフを使って、生態系を守ること

Print advertisment created by LapizdeBits, Colombia for WWF, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.



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