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【その手があったか】良い事聞いた!「これは試す!」と注目された裏技レシピ&料理の知恵8選 | COROBUZZ

【その手があったか】良い事聞いた!「これは試す!」と注目された裏技レシピ&料理の知恵8選 | COROBUZZ

Purple | Violet | Color | Murasaki | Tím | 紫 | パープル

Landscape - Flowers bloom along the California coast in La Jolla. - Sun Diamond - Photography by Matt Aden ❤༻ಌOphelia Ryan ಌ༺❤

Chopsticks what NOT todo. But we sometime do... especially "Shoveling with tamago gohan", "Resting", "skewering" ect. But definitely don't do "Standing" and "Transferring". That is what only we do on funeral. やってはいけないお箸のマナー

Chopstick etiquette is no joke! Nobody will judge you if you fumble a bit, but the items listed here are definitely faux pas. (Shoveling is expected in Japan;

lsleofskye: Lofoten Islands

This photography of nature of the northern light represents the analogues colors which are three colors next to each other on the color wheel. I know there may be more than one analogues colors since there are many shades of blue and green.