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round placemats

These rattan plate mats bring tropical touch to your table arrangement. You can find them in many shops in Bali. Available too in Ubud Art Market.

アリラ ウブド ホテル (Alila Ubud Hotel)・バリ島 -

Alila Ubud, near the centre of Ubud, Bali, is a luxury boutique hotel with stylish rooms & luxurious designer villas. Alila Ubud hotel offers a spa, yoga & pool.

Bambu Indah / バリ・ウブド

Located on the outskirts of Ubud, Bambu Indah offers panoramic views of mountains, rice paddies and hills.

Waldorf Astoria Bali - Bali - Interiors - SCDA

SCDA is a multi-disciplinary architectural practice led by Principal Soo K. Our work strives for tranquility and calmness, qualified by space, light and structural order.

旅行人気ランキングでも常に上位人気のバリ島。 緑豊かな自然と、どこまでも広がる青い海。都会の喧騒か…

旅行人気ランキングでも常に上位人気のバリ島。 緑豊かな自然と、どこまでも広がる青い海。都会の喧騒か…