Retro corporate logo - simplistic and professional. Can be an "S" or something like a swirl that symbolizes the company's motives or business.

日本航空の新ロゴ : これ、誰がデザインしたの?


By: Graham Smith

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This example also uses dimension and shadows to produce a modernised and abstract design. This method produces a clean and professional outcome suitable for innovative companies.

This poster completely hits the nail on the head when it comes to contrast. Not only are the black and white colors contrasting but the use of positive and negative space displays the information in a clear manner.

這圖很難懂 @@ 真不知道你想表達什麼:(

30 Brilliant Branding Identity Design examples for your inspiration

SkyForex Logo Design and Brand Identity. Cosmin Cuciureanu of Optimacad was responsible for the logo design and basic brand identity for financial consulta

Environment Canada Logo | Design

Okay, the font is not impressive, but I love the simplicity of the logo!

McDonalds Golden Arches Construction Diagram #logo

The golden arches of McDonalds is a perfect example of how simple logos are sometimes the most powerful and effective when trying to attract attention and business. Simple logos can become more memorable quicker since it's short, sweet and to the point.