Coconut Eton Mess Cake with Whipped Ricotta Cream

Coconut Eton Mess Cake with Whipped Ricotta Cream

Bridal shower dessert idea - coconut Eton mess cake with whipped ricotta cream + fresh fruit and flowers {Courtesy of Half Baked Harvest}


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Possible to do a berry juice version that is lower carb and still colorful?

とらや びーどろ玉

“ Wagashi - Japanese sweets ” jelly sweets are best sweets This reminds me, I want to start playing around with confectionary sometime! I feel like I could have a lot of fun with agar-based.

和菓子の会 : 7月のメニュー || ベターホームのお料理教室 Cooking classes of Better Homes | Menu of the month 7 |: Association of Japanese confectionery

Tanu's Note - What happens when you try the Japanese Translator for this recipe: Summer-fun brocade ball can , those boil to dissolve the agar, solidified and sweetened with sugar. Clarity is beautiful, it is able to express the emotion of summer sweets.


Japanese Sweets: Youkan from TORAYA. Cumulonimbus cloud against blue sky that is commonly seen during the summer time in Japan. Too pretty to eat!


A beautiful color array of autumn leaves. Photo credit: foglie d’autunno by…


まるで宝石!「クリスタルボンボン」が女の子たちを騒がせている♡ - macaroni