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Listen Up, Guys! A Guide to Dressing Dapper in the Modern Age [Infographic]

Sunday gent

Stylish guys by Street Style Seconds, elegant look, cool clothing styles for men (Zagreb's colour is blue)

Luxe Asian Women Design Korean Model Fashion Style Dress

Supremely girl in a glamorous gown Luxe Asian Women Design Korean Model Fashion Style Dress

Lamborghini Aventador

Random Inspiration 72

Lamborghini Aventador - Come here, bad boy! Take me for a ride!

Japanese food / おにぎり(onigiri)

I remember when my friends' Moms would make me bento boxes filled with onigiri like this all cute & what not. I need to practice more !

Ballsy but really nice. Takes some stones to pull this one off.

Accessories + Layers, stay warm in style with a blazer over a jean jacket, a watch, and bracelet accents.

hakodate, hokkaido, japan

Hakodate Hokkaido, Japan (Best Honeymoon Destinations In Asia)

Cape Kamui, Shakotan #Hokkaido #japan Travel Japan

Cape Kamui, Hokkaido, Japan is located in Shakotan, Hokkaidō, Japan. An earthquake off the cape on 2 August 1940 resulted in a tsunami that killed ten people.

✮ Twilight in Tokyo

Photographer in Tokyo, Japan // Twilight in Tokyo & Mount Fuji decided to put in an appearance