breakfast salad with soft boiled egg

I love breakfast salad! Breakfast Salad & Soft Boiled Egg by disgustinglygood

Sushi Cake Recipe- A Dish Everyone Will Be Talking About! Japanese fusion.

Sushi Cake

Sushi Cake Serve this sushi cake as a precursor to a light Asian-style meal, or alone with hot or cold sake. Since no raw fish is used -- only cooked shrimp and lump crabmeat -- the cake can be made ahead of time and chilled until ready to serve.

Spring Temari Sushi

Spring Temarizushi, Bite-sized Sushi Ball|Why not infuse the foods you love at your wedding.

Roasted asparagus + toasty bread  + soft boiled egg. Yes.

Poached eggs on Asparagus with hollandaise Roasted Asparagus + Soft Boiled Egg / Yummy Super Chicken Avocado Enchiladas

Japanese food: Temari-sushi

Japanese Temari Sushi, Bite-sized Sushi Ball 10 easy s'more variations Cinnamon Sweet Potato Muffins **These were so delicious** Men can be .

* 朝昼ごはん。 秋刀魚ごはんをおにぎりに。パセリがよく合う♡  #和moko定食 - @mokotto_moko- #webstagram

* 朝昼ごはん。 秋刀魚ごはんをおにぎりに。パセリがよく合う♡ #和moko定食 - @mokotto_moko- #webstagram