Skjold Plast is a small Danish company specialized in manufacturing and distributing Brochure Holders, Sign Holders, Poster Holders  and more.     One of Skjold Plast's core competences is to fold and glue acrylic material. The bright mark is inspired by the wide variety of surfaces and colors you can purchase the folded products in and could in fact be folded in 3D in acrylic.

Identity by Maria Grønlund. As for this I like repeated idea of the vector graphics, which I felt gives us ideas to play around the symbol of the semi-colon.

Yokohama Kaigyo Mania

Yokohama Kaigyo Mania Timelord_Chump: This brand seems to be trying to make itself look traditional by using dark blue and boxed shapes

十和田市現代美術館ロゴ D:東泉一郎Towada Art Center by Ichiro HIGASHIIZUMI


十和田市現代美術館ロゴ D:東泉一郎Towada Art Center by Ichiro HIGASHIIZUMI

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rio galeão por ana couto branding NS: If these waveforms are representative of some data or significance, very sophiticated execution. If not, just pleasing colour balance.

Radiiant - Logo / Identity Design -Proposal 1

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