DIOR HOMME and HERMES ディオール オム エルメス

DIOR HOMME and HERMES ディオール オム エルメス The one to the right reminds me of Cade. The other side might be Hugo or someone.


Recently, I have been coming across numerous articles discussing the the ‘trend’ of beards. Some elevating beards into heights, while others are simply discouraging men from having one.

10th Anniversary Johnny Cash THE JOHNNY CASH SHOW - 'A Battle of the West' On Location in Arizona - Shoot Date: January 13, 1971.

Quinn Medicine Woman and it was my absolute favorite episode of anything ever

ゲーリー・オールドマン しぶいっ!

He was Sid Vicious, Dracula and Sirius Black Gary Oldman Also plays Beethoven Great actor

David Gandy - What could be better than a GORGEOUS man that has great style? I want to marry him NOW!!!

David Gandy for Massimo Dutti 2013 (NYC Limited Edition) Love the Light Blue shirt would wear a smooth Brown belt and brown shoes

Brooks Forester - I like this guy. Des has to choose him!

Brooks Forester - the only reason I watched the Bachelorette. I'm calling dibs.