Homemade Holiday Lollipops Halloween , Christmas , Easter any of them! holiday pops

This recipe proves that Sprinkles and I make a Beary Sweet team! Homemade Holiday Lollipops Halloween , Christmas , Easter How great for any holiday!

Wooden mold for Japanese sweets

exhibition poster by Shoko Maeda / wooden molds for Japanese sweets

Japanese sweets!

The Japanese sweets (Wagashi in spring) look like art

koinobori : wagashi


koinobori : wagashi, 端午の節句 on May

Wagashi (Japanese Sweets) http://pinterest.com/pin/151433606189810172/

The Japanese tea ceremony

和菓子 (wagashi) titled みかん (mikan), a tangerine.

和菓子 「みかん」。Wagashi (Japanese traditional sweets) titled "mikan", a tangerine.

Japanese sweets

Japanese sweets, wanna taste these

お花見手まり寿司 art in food

Colorful and delicious.looks like a cross between nigirizushi and omusubi!

和菓子/ wagashi

winter's scarecrowの画像

This may be doable.

Mikan daifuku mochi from Ehime, Japan


guessing that that is Chinese!


椿餅 Tsubaki Mochi - sweet Aduki bean paste wrapped in pounded steamed glutinous rice (Domyoji), garnished camellia leaves

sakura sweets "good" Spring

桜菓子の喜び  手作り和菓子「ひとひら」、「桜」 、「春の宵」

sakura sweets "good" Spring

Wagashi Iris 花菖蒲 | Japanese Sweets

Wagashi Iris 花菖蒲 | Japanese Sweets

New Year's wagashi. Traditional Japanese sweets! So beautiful! xox yogagurl

新春を慶ぶ和菓子  「昇り龍」 と 「夢結び」

Fairy Food - New Year's wagashi. So beautiful!

いちご大福 - strawberry daifuku with a cute strawberry tongue

idk what this is but im pretty sure its foodddd and its cute