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Happy News!

Tiffany blue shoes :)

tiffany blue shoes under your wedding dress? That covers your something blue and something new!

Love !

Weddbook ♥ Lace heels which is looking wow. Get this black strap heel which will look adorable in your feet. Walk in style with this amazing pair. This is sexy and you can;t take your eyes off from such gorgeous pair

Shoes shoes shoes... Shoes shoes shoes... Shoes shoes shoes...

One day, i will have a closet like this to organize and display my shoes. This is heaven! Someday I will display lots of Loubis =)


Pink Chiffon Heel Condom - awesome idea for tweaking your current shoe supply!

Room 2046 Toronto

Room 2046 is a "concept shop," which makes any attempt at classification seem largely futile.

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