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Seersucker - Pretty sure this is a Thom Browne suit

Steezy Seersucker Summers – Almost two years ago, I saw the top photo of Popeye editor-in-chief, Takahiro Kinoshita, come across my dashboard and instantly I wanted a seersucker suit of my own.

Thom-Browne-Metal-Magazine-03.jpg 800×1,200 像素

Top Model Sebastian Sauve and Anna Martynova photographed by Charlie Engman and styled by Angela Esteban Librerofor this special Thom Browne editorial for the Spring/Summer 2013 issue of Metal magazine. Get your copy of Metal magazine here!

[G228]トムブラウン/THOM BROWNE/MJQ004AK5470/メンズ/4 ストライプ/トラックパンツ/トレーニングパンツ/スウェットパンツ/グレー系

[G228]トムブラウン/THOM BROWNE/MJQ004AK5470/メンズ/4 ストライプ/トラックパンツ/トレーニングパンツ/スウェットパンツ/グレー系