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Summer Corals (works for Fall, too! The jeans look a little weird on her. Older woman, with young, and very appropriate style.

I could have posted this one to any of my boards: The Great White Shirt, Seeing Spots, Platinum Elegance...but Style Inspiration says it all!

Summer Sales meanwhile my Cotton shirt is My Summer uniform with Sandals and silk printed pants


with basic pieces and timeless colors you will always have a 'go to' outfit, no matter what the trend is Women's casual spring fashion clothing

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Junko Shimada at Paris Fashion Week Spring 2011

Junko Shimada at Paris Fashion Week Spring 2011 - Backstage Runway Photos

Designer Junko Shimada


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Rarely wear red, but was inspired by this Bag. All hand embroidered by a lady on the Island Of Sardinia who is 80 years Of age. red crewneck Laurent red ballet skippers button down Oxford shirt essential accessory The It Bag To Own! In raw denim

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My silk pyjamas and tuniques from the french label La Prestic Ouiston got me…

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:D❤️Oversize-Pullover mit Boyfriend-Jeans und Samt-Slippern - bequem, modern, ladylike. (Quelle: Linda V Wright)