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Workout Plans: Illustration Description Noooooo I don't want a bath the water is evil. Evil I tell you “The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination” !

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Going for a walk. (I love how the space looks like he is wearing a birthday hat)

summary: Small dog coats are very popular in market and finding coats for your dog is no longer a hard task. For a long time, dog coats were not an option for many people.


- when a Shiba blows it's coat a year!) it will shed so much you will think it is a different dog under there! Self- defense demands that you brush the coat out at least every two days for literally weeks!


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Backapcks and their most important use, carrying shibes

I don't want to miss my dog so i bring Him anywhere I am. - via Classy Bro

"Master don''re kidding right? Master...master? NO NONONONO"

"Master don''re kidding right? Master...master? NO NONONONO"