Park Hyatt, Seoul

I like the intricacy of this delicately carved wood partition. I like how each separate panel has a different design on it.

Door Art--Sejong Cultural Center in Seoul Korea

When a wall don`t need a wallpaper Sejong Cultural Center in Seoul. Wall features traditional decorative motifs that appear in textiles and architecture.

KUMIKO 大川組子 japan design

I like the idea of the triangles, and the pieces inside being interchangeable so you can create your own patterns and designs. Could use different shape such as hexagons



Really love these kumiko patterns, beautiful craftmanship

The unique geometrical kumiko patterns have been created by geometric lines repeating and overlapping each other. The designs are balanced as they have the replication of pattern on each side.

Asa-no-ha - Pesquisa Google

Kumiko Kumiko coaster and (Kumiko), is a technology used to, such as shoji screens in the Japanese-style room is one of the traditional technology. How is this used color when combined with a set o.

ハイジ気分になれちゃう素敵空間?!書斎でも収納でも、秘密基地にしてもOK!屋根裏部屋の使い方10選 | ギャザリー

ハイジ気分になれちゃう素敵空間?!書斎でも収納でも、秘密基地にしてもOK!屋根裏部屋の使い方10選 | ギャザリー

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Laser cut screen creating a back lit decorative pattern on the wall & ceiling KAUST Offices, Photo: Bilyana Dimitrova



aac817f03e8c85c34002e17d12226c12.jpg 686×1,024 像素

Art Deco Screen by Louis Barillet & Jacques Le Chavallier. Geometric shapes and clean lines are typical of this period. This screen is made of glass, iron, lead & Bakelite.


there are a couple of design elements I like . but, not the wall of books in the dinning space


Scott Fitzgerald book covers designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith. trend = art deco inspired by gatsby