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Hyuna Kim, 4minute

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. Feeling pretty with our besties!  매일매일 색다르게 MIX&MATCH! 메이크업도 놀이처럼 즐겁게  #Makeup #etude #etudehouse #에뛰드 #에뛰드하우스 #에뛰드그램 #伊蒂之屋 #エチュードハウス

. Feeling pretty with our besties! 매일매일 색다르게 MIX&MATCH! 메이크업도 놀이처럼 즐겁게 #Makeup #etude #etudehouse #에뛰드 #에뛰드하우스 #에뛰드그램 #伊蒂之屋 #エチュードハウス

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Line Missha5

Line has collaborated with Korean cosmetics brand Missha to release a limited edition collection of makeup and skincare products.

高品質で見た目も可愛く、近年ますます人気が集まっている”韓国コスメ”。日本にも進出しているブランドも数多くありますが、今回はショップ内もキュートな韓国にしかないコスメショップ「3CE CINEMA」を紹介します。アイテムだけでなく、フォトジェニックな店内も楽しめます。

高品質で見た目も可愛く、近年ますます人気が集まっている”韓国コスメ”。日本にも進出しているブランドも数多くありますが、今回はショップ内もキュートな韓国にしかないコスメショップ「3CE CINEMA」を紹介します。アイテムだけでなく、フォトジェニックな店内も楽しめます。


Peripera Ink Corrector Flawless Makeup Base: Peripera Ink Corrector For a flawless blurred finish Makeup Base An on-the-go color corrector with silky smooth coverage 3 Main functions : Color-correcting Silky Smooth Coverage Blemish Targeting Colors

"Produce 101 Season 2" planeja ir ao ar durante a primeira metade de 2017!

Produce 101 Season 2 Episode 1 Engsub: Produce was a reality survival program by Mnet that took the industry by storm last year. girl trainees from various entertainment companies competed against each other for a chance to debut on the .

Produce 101, o reality show de sobrevivência da Mnet

'Produce the audition survival program that has been all the hype lately, is swept up in a controversy after a media outlet exposed the contents…