Transportation of the future!  場所とりそう  セグウェイ? それっぽい!現実にあるね。

Transport of the future by Walter Molino - From the cover of Domenica del Corriere, an Italian weekly newspaper which ran from 1899 to 1989

Hand of the Mysteries - Alchemy symbol of transformation

babylonsidhe: The Hand of the Mysteries goes by many other names, including the Hand of the Master Mason, Hand of the Philosopher, and the Emblematic Hand of Mysteries. (via Hand of the Mysteries - Alchemy symbol of transformation)

Magical Mystery Tour comic illustration (The Beatles)

The Beatles in Comics

Four splash pages by the Logan’s Run art team of George Perez and Klaus Janson. From Marvel Super Special The Beatles Story, “an unauthorized biography” of the band by David Anthony Kraft. Published by Marvel Comics,

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【画像】SFアートの礎 - フランク・R・パウルのカバー画集(19枚) : 付録部 blog-bu

JF Ptak Science Books Quick Post [Image source: the wonderful Frank Wu (sci-fi fanasy artist) website, here.] This is the delightful and reaching cover art by the great Frank R. Paul for the October 1929 Science Wonder Stories, illustrating "Into.

by Eduardo Paolozzi

A selection of work from the late Scottish sculptor and artist Sir Eduardo Paolozzi March 1924 – 22 April Paolozzi has always been a favourite of mine, particularly his beautifully compos…

BAD Studio

BAD Studio

Eduardo Paolozzi "Conjectures To Identity" 1963

One of my early heroes today – Eduardo Paolozzi – Paolozzi, the son of Italian parents, was born in Edinburgh in In