interior courtyard for natural light

<Meditation Space>I am going to build an enclosed deck out back, and I am so going to open several (shaded) skylights since I am in the desert, and I hope to plant a tree inside, with rows of garden boxes and a water feature with a BBQ.


Gentian entry, exposed rafters, ply ceiling Doughnut House by Naoi Architecture & Design Office

Muji House: Hachioji

Muji House: Hachioji Like the storage wall on one side. Maybe consider having pull out table for chopping


The tatami room (pictured) has mats from the Futon Company and a “Hinamatsuri” mobile adds a cheery touch. Photo by: Ben Anders

Museu Iwaki de Livros Ilustrados para Crianças. Arquiteto: Tadao Ando. Fukushima, Japão.

:D Picture Book Museum/Library, reading roomIwaki Picture Book Museum/Library, reading room :: Shinkenchiku City, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan

シンプルハウス|大好きな家具が映える無垢の床に、灯りとり窓のあるバール風の家が完成(大阪府 K氏邸/マンション)|Goodリフォーム.jp

シンプルハウス|大好きな家具が映える無垢の床に、灯りとり窓のあるバール風の家が完成(大阪府 K氏邸/マンション)|Goodリフォーム.jp

AICA: Joripaddo

"Coexistence in the dining room" between a husband and wife Japanese classic European (or vice versa). Always midpoints.


Rather than using walls to partition the spaces, raised platforms are used with different material to draw boundaries and frame different activities.



Dai-ichi Yochien in Kumamoto City by Hibino Sekkei - A preschool with an open roof and design that forms puddles perfect for splashing in when it rains


This Swedish train station has a sculptural timber roof positioned on two slate-clad wall plates, and simple glass panels have been used as protection from the elements.