Personal Logo on Behance - I especially like it because these are my initials too

CREATING A LOGO. - Rafal Skalski / logo / design / initials / white space / negative space / identity / sketches / process / steps to creating a logo

Japanese Food Type 5

Japanese Food Type

Japanese Typography - Japanese Designer Masaaki Hiromura has merged Japanese typography (Kanji) with signs and food symbols, making them easy to understand.

天然温泉 久松湯 | Works | Kishino Shogo(6D)-木住野彰悟 - created via

mathematical decorations on the japanese word rightly fit the exact tone of the ambience

日本雨女雨男協会のロゴ:漢字に隠れるさりげないピクトグラム | ロゴストック



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