maydayproj. :: [대한민국디자인전람회]-시각-포스터 부문 2009년 본상

maydayproj. :: [대한민국디자인전람회]-시각-포스터 부문 2009년 본상

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NFK/Mirai No Kodomo Tachimasen/未来の子供たちませ : Photo

Shanghai-based artist Yang Yongliang applies his mastery of Chinese traditional painting to create this powerful installation.

刺さる広告 (22)

Funny pictures about Don’t Drive Sleepy. Oh, and cool pics about Don’t Drive Sleepy. Also, Don’t Drive Sleepy photos.


カフェのフェス「海のカフェフェス in 横浜」のデザイン

Case: Wildlife インドの野生動物と自然環境の保護を訴える雑誌「Sanctuary Asia」を仮想クライアントにして、とあるクリエイティブディレクターが作ったプリントクリエイティブをご

Creative director Ganesh Prasad Acharya and copywriter Kaushik Katty Roy have created a series of shocking print ads for environmental news magazines Sanctuary Asia, that show the effects of deforestation and wildlife destruction.