Kenta Kuwahara

Kenta Kuwahara

Kenta Kuwahara
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磯村建築設計事務所 の モダンな 家 IR House

磯村建築設計事務所 の モダンな 家 IR House


Engawa - Japanese Traditional Home Architecture

Inception door | Sumally

Beautiful door - love the colorful light shadows passing through the glass! (Pantone slide swatch glass door by Armin Blasbichler Studio) Thinking this would look cool on my front windows

ドラえもんが寝泊まりしていたあの押し入れ部屋に憧れませんでしたか?布団の収納スペースとして使う押し入れやクローゼットですが、DIYしてお部屋の一部にしちゃいましょう♪暗くて少し狭い空間が、ちょうど良いサイズで落ち着きます。押し入れを上手に使えばデッドスペースを活用でき、お部屋を広く見せられるチャンス。本棚やラックを設置して、心地よい空間に改造するアイデアをご紹介します。 | ページ1

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Kennin-ji Temple's garden

Kennin-ji Temple's garden

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Omg this would be glorious office space material look at that veiw :)

Wayfarers Chapel Photography Print

This is an amazing party space. TITLE: Wayfarers Chapel DESCRIPTION: Pause for a moment, Wayfarer, on lifes journey. Let these waters restore your soul and nourish your inner

Glass Church

Chapel Architect Lloyd Wright, son of the pioneering American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, conceived the design of Wayfarers Chapel as a “tree chapel”, a natural sanctuary set in the midst of a forest. (Rancho Palos Verdes, CA) Truly Beautiful.

I've always wanted to get married outdoors, but this is probably the best of both worlds. Wow. Glass Chapel in the woods in Arkansas

Glass Chapel- Garvan Woodland Gardens near Hot Springs, Arkansas

Anthony Chapel in Hot Springs, Arkansas - a glass chapel in the woods at Garvan Woodland Gardens.

Anthony Chapel, Arkansas - a quaint glass chapel in the woods.