Yoshitomo Nara - Cosmic Girl - Eyes Wide Open

Cosmic Girls (Open Eyes / Closed Eyes) set of 2 works by Yoshitomo Nara, available for purchase from Vogtle Contemporary

Yoshitomo Nara

Rare Doodles, Paintings, and Sculptures by Yoshitomo Nara

This month, we had the pleasure of taking a look at a shiny and enormous new catalog of Yoshitomo Nara’s artwork, Yoshitomo Nara: The Complete Works, recently released by Chronicle Books.

BY Yoshitomo Nara

Stephan Balkenhol: Public

Combining the iconic images of Yoshitomo Nara's Lonesome Puppy(Dog From Your Childhood) and the Cup Kids, the PupCup head and body rotate in opposites directions creating a remarkable kinetic object.

奈良美智 (yoshitomo nara)


yoshitomo nara

Yoshitomo Nara is one of Japan's most influential Neo Pop artists.

Time goes on「Time goes on」 奈良美智 Yoshitomo Nara 675,000円 サイズ 48x38cm 技法 フォトグラビュール,アクアチント

Artworks of Yoshitomo Nara (Japanese, from galleries, museums and auction houses worldwide.