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kenji hashimoto
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Turquoise and Purple Wedding Invitations for brides using teal, turquoise, and purple as their wedding colors.

Turquoise and Purple Wedding Invitations Here are some beautiful wedding invitations with turquoise or teal aqua blue and purple. These are great for brides using turquoise or teal and purple in th.

All You Need to Know About Tea I drink quite a bit of tea, and I was completely unaware that brewing different types takes different times and temperatures to prevent bitterness.This explains a lot! Their are many different types of tea with all kinds of different benefits. Here are a few teas with their benefits:…

A Tea Drinkers Guide I drink peppermint to go to sleep. It is both relaxing and invigorating. Magic, I tell you. Take heed or not whatever suits your tea drinking habits :)

History of Tea Infographic 紅茶の歴史をデザイン。おもしろい!

INFOGRAPHIC: IT’S ALL ABOUT TEA How was tea discovered and when did this happen? What kinds of tea are available and where are they produced? Where most tea is drunk? Types of Teas, production and consumption including some health benefits of tea.