Iron man has officially gone ninja! Presenting the Variant Play Arts Kai Iron Man from Square Enix! See the collectible pictures here!

Spring 2015 - Haruta: do with athletes in their uniforms, put a photo of them playing in the jersey?

I love how they did half of a drawing and another half of just plain red to see the writing below //Ai Madonna

"Boundless" by yuumei. 'From the depth of the ocean/ To the limitless sky/ Open a book, open your mind/ This world is boundless/ So let your imagination fly'

ArtStation - girl, Siwoo Kim

Super impressive character artwork by Siwoo Kim a freelance digital illustrator and concept artist working in the entertainment industry.

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「あげくの果てのカノン」1巻 米代恭 デザイン/川谷康久 小学館

むしとりニスタ (MFC キューンシリーズ) | 高市 みき緒 | 本 |