Ceiling paint at Kennin Temple, Kyoto, Japan

Kennin-ji is a historic Zen Buddhist temple in Higashiyama, Kyoto, Japan, near Gion, at the end of Hanami Lane. It is considered to be one of the so-called Kyoto Gozan or "five most important Zen temples of Kyoto.

Cranes. Japanese Tsuru.

Sunset Cranes & Tree - Noren Panel - Indigo/Gold Like the use of dark color and cranes - maybe use crow instead

「菊廼舎(きくのや)」の「冨貴寄 夏色缶」

【ELLE gourmet】「菊廼舎(きくのや)」の「冨貴寄 夏色缶」|エル・オンライン




Japanese Sake 日本酒

Pour cold Sake into Sizzle Sake Set server to the rim, and it overflows into the ochoko. Free Worldwide Shipping from Japan.

Twin dragons, Kennin-ji - Zen-Temple, Kyoto, Japan

Kennin-ji (建仁寺) is a Zen-temple located at the end of hanami lane near Gion, Kyoto. It was founded in 1202 and claims to be the oldest Zen temple in Kyoto.

Umeboshi, Japanese Pickled Plums 梅干し

this is sour. My favourite Japanese ingredient: Umeboshi, Japanese Pickled Plums 梅干し