How to make sushi rice? The easiest and no-fuss recipe to make sushi rice from scratch |

Sushi Rice

Learn how to make sushi rice with this easy sushi rice recipe. Sushi rice can be made easily with Mizkan rice vinegar or Mizkan sushi seasoning at home.

Udon / Sabra Krock

holiday cake batter cookies Recipe Box: Blueberry Crisp Udon noodle soup and a fabulous spoon. i love japanese vegetarian food.


Ramen recipe - If you want something lighter, this bowl of homemade spicy miso ramen will come to your rescue! It's almost like the one I get at my favorite ramen joint Santouka.

Cucumber Wrapped Sushi きゅうりの軍艦巻き | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Cucumber Wrapped Sushi

Cucumber Wrapped Sushi - Easy and fun cucumber wrapped sushi topped with ikura (salmon roe), hamachi (yellowtail), tuna, and amaebi (sweet shrimp)….

Japanese food - Gyudon 牛丼 Beef Bowl Oh god, this is one of my favourite Japanese dishes, must try soon!


Japanese food - Gyudon 牛丼 Beef Bowl Oh god, this is one of my favorite Japanese dishes,

Japanese Sushi

豆寅さんの豆すし。 【Canon EOS Mark Ⅲ / in “Mametora” , Kyoto / at work】

Okonomiyaki (Japanese Savory Pancake) | Easy Japanese Recipes at


Okonomiyaki (Japanese Savory Pancake) - can completely omit nagaimo, but knead the batter well after adding the cabbage and all the ingredients. It helps a bit. - can also increase baking powder to tsp.