BOHO by zofia szostkiewicz

BOHO on Behance CPD: We are not boho. We find that when it comes to styling things/creating things to look boho, there is a very fine line between it looking messy and bag lady, and chic and trendy.

Unique Web Design, Satchmi Vinyl Day #WebDesign #Design

Satchmi Vinyl Day site - can't find the live site though. Love the combination of super simple geometric line art + hand drawn elements, subtle gradients, and super happy colors!

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The Object Enthusiast. By enthusiast, for enthusiast. (More design inspiration at

the object enthusiast styling + photography

This particular site is far to feminine but the layout and template are gloroius.the object enthusiast web design


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VANS Website Redesign Concept

Web design inspiration

Vans spread a cool/trendy/hype image, but the website design doesn't match the brand image. I wear Vans everyday, and I feel it deserves a more design website. Here is a redesign concept.