DIY Glass Etching

DIY :: Glass Etching ~ Didn't know this stuff existed! It's a cream like acid that roughens up glass surfaces, so it's permanent. Use stencils to create designs, names, or initials. Bromley moore would appreciate this stencil idea.

Love these stained glass feathers!

Love these stained glass feathers! great art and craft make to hang in windows as sun catchers

standing shoebill stork. Kinda scary if you didn;t know this was a bird. 5 feet tall ハシビロコウ

This is a real fucking Devil Bird. It will be in your nightmares tonight. Walking towards you on its Devil Bird talons.

Jot Down nº6, Contemporary Culture Mag on Behance

Jot Down is a black and white Spanish magazine realized for WabiSabi Investments, under the direction of Brands & Roses.