Sakura viewing bento

Japanese Bento - healthy and creative lunchboxes for kids// Megan and Rochelle, I hope you are making these daily for the kids.

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This bear sandwich bento is much easier to make than it looks. Make two of your kids' favorite sandwiches, one with white bread, the othe.


Food art Hello Kitty Bento Box - easily the cutest food art picture I've ever seen!

Pink sheep bento

If I had the patience to make these everyday I would smile every time I open my bento. After that I would start crying as I would have to eat away such a masterpiece

Obento. Sausage art.


penguin o-bento

16 Exciting Ways To Make Sushi

The bears are made of Chikuwa fish sausages. Chikuwa is a Japanese tube-like fish sausage, it's made from fish surimi. I put a sausege into the hole of chilkuwa, and it turns into bears.

cuteobento: quail egg penguin bento

Quail egg penguin bento box (penguins made from hard boiled quail eggs, nori, corn, and ketchup)

Obento !!

Obento !!

Frog Choir bento ~ from broad beans. *This reminds me of the frog chorus in Zelda!