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“My children are not only my little darlings but off-shoots of myself. When I look at them, I have a strange feeling – as if I am watching myself re-living my life. Photo: “Rainy days a.

A Secret to a Happy Relationship

A Secret to a Happy Relationship

What Happened When We Gave Our Daughter My Last Name

What is a Feng Fu Point? The tendons on the back of your neck where the head and neck connect is called the Feng Fu point. An ancient Chinese remedy used in acupuncture Feng Fu or “wind shelt…

When Harry Met Sally

Here’s what time you need to start watching “When Harry Met Sally” to have it *perfectly* sync up with the midnight countdown


I chose this image for my ideabook because I like how this is a motion shot. I actually like how the falling leaves are blurry instead of clear. I would like to use this effect or learn how to make this effect in the future.